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Roofline Glasgow provide a roofing and guttering installation service to the Uddingston area.

It may be exciting BUT, the roofline of your Uddingston property is essential in the well-being of your home!

We will admit it straight from the off – looking up and visually examining your roofline is not the most exciting of things to do, even if does only take a few minutes,

But, bear with us, as the roofline, with all its individual components, is essential in maintaining the wellbeing of your home, outside and in!

When you roofline is tired, your home could be suffering…

Leaking gutters – the guttering system is part of the roofline on your Uddingston property and its main objective is to funnel away as much rainwater as possible, as quickly as possible. But, age and weather conspire to weaken gutters and what happens is they can leak.

Catching this quickly is essential but, if it is allowed to leak, over time you can be storing up many problems. The initial problem could be unsightly marks on exterior walls but eventually, the water will work its way through the exterior of the property. Have you noticed damp patches or mould IN your property?

Your home needs to breathe too – but, the roofline at your Uddingston property does more than just hold up the gutters and finish off roof edges and angles. Components of the roofline allow your home to breath but not many people realise this.

As we all try and make our homes more energy efficient, we can be become a little over zealous. On seeing that there are items of the roofline on our Uddingston home needs replacing, we can indulge in a spot of DIY – but end up storing up problems for the future.

Some parts of the roofline allow damp, warm air out of the roof space; this doesn’t mean you are losing valuable heat from your home! As we live, work and play in your home, warm, humid air is created and, we need to ventilate our homes so that this humidity does not cause damp problems inside. Humid air in the loft can cause timbers to soften and warp.

No roofline at all…? Or broken, ineffective components?

The problem is the erosive nature of rainwater. If the roofline on an Uddingston property is not performing effectively, the rainwater can cause anything from damp to foundation heave. The latter problem is a huge, expensive problem to correct and so we suggest that you do keep an eye on your roofline…

The good news

But the roofline on your Uddingston property is simple to maintain and easy to repair. Rather than tackle these repairs and maintenance at height yourself, why not call in the experts – like us?

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All the S&D workers involved in the project were very helpful and took the time to explain each stage plus they took the time to clean up at each stag…

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