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Your roofline - get the best roofing contractor!

The roofline components on your property all perform essential role in keeping your home dry and draught-free; when these components malfunction or need replacing, as for some of us they are at considerable height, it means we opt for the expertise of a roofline specialist or contractor.

But, like with other trades, we all are pretty wary of the roofing cowboys that still seem to prowl our streets so knowing who to engage to fix or replace roofline components is incredibly difficult.

Here are Roofline Glasgow’s top tips on getting the best roofline contractor…

It’s not the roof but the component on the edge of the roof…

Basically, you are looking at the components that such things like the guttering are attached to, not the roof, such as the tiles itself, so you need someone who know about these components. Most customers assume that all roofing companies provide this maintenance and repair service of roofline components but they tend to be a ‘specialised’ area of specific contractors – look for firms that specialise in guttering rather than roofing.

There is nothing like recommendations… online or from family, friends and neighbours

Still the best way for many people to find the specialist firm they looking for is to simply ask people for recommendations but don’t forget the web either! There are many rating type websites that gives fair (usually monitored) feedback about what customers really thought of the service and workmanship.

Get the contractor to LOOK at the job

If you have specific issues or concerns about the roofline on your home, the ideal solution is to get a specialist contractor to come and look at the issue. They may make different suggestions which, depending on your budget, they may be able to change and modify to fit. Anyone that gives a figure over the phone, without looking at the job in person is probably best avoided.

Get at least 3 quotes but…

Getting three quotations is the way forward but many customers make the mistake of asking contractors for different work to be carried out. By doing this, you are effectively moving the goal posts! If you want a specific job completing, make sure you ask all potential local to roofline companies to quote on the same job.

Ask for references and photos of previous work

Every contractor will be happy to give you references and point you in the direction of roofline work completed in Strathaven that they have done; doing this also gives you the opportunity to see other ideas of how certain colours and components could work on your property.

Your roofline is important so get the best advice right from the start from the right contractor – contact Roofline Glasgow today!

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All the S&D workers involved in the project were very helpful and took the time to explain each stage plus they took the time to clean up at each stag…

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