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Maintain your roofline for the best protection

Keeping you home in tip top condition is important – not only is it your sanctuary but it also an investment of your energy and money. With the increase in what seems to be more and more extreme weather, keeping the exterior in shape so that it can face off the elements is more important than ever.

Your roof is an essential component of any home. Keeping it watertight is paramount for it to offer complete protection from the elements. What many Rutherglen homeowners don’t realise is that there is more to keeping an eye on your roof than checking the tiles are all still in place.

The roofline of your property is also important; any defects in the roofline components will mean that rain and damp will be penetrating the structure of your property. Act fast and the damage will be limited; failing to act will mean a hefty repair bill!

What is your ‘roofline’?

The roofline of your property consists of various components, all of which have important functions:
Fascia is the banding that runs horizontally and vertically around the edge of the roof and your property. They are visible to people on the outside and provide protection to the end of the joists and beams that make up the structure of the roof.

Soffit describes the covering that we know as the eaves on our homes. This wooden cladding or cover provides a finish as well as providing a protective element so that like the fascia, the internal timbers of the roof supporting structure are not exposed to the elements.

Bargeboards are fixed to the ends of exposed timbers of a roofing structure.

Guttering is seen on the outside of a property and allows the rainwater and any other precipitation to flow freely away from the property. If these become blocked or cracked, and do not function as well, then water will not only cause unsightly staining on the exterior walls but may also cause damp problems within the property.

Why is maintaining these roofline components important?

These various components provide a protective cover against all the weather that the British climate throws at us. At one time, they would be made from wood and maintenance would usually involve sanding down the paint and re-painting. Paint would form a waterproof barrier against the weather, effectively helping the soffit, bargeboard and fascia and guttering to do their job.

Many Rutherglen homes owners are now looking to replace some or all of these wooden roofline components. The material of choice tends to be uPVC plastic.

This material now comes in a range of colours to suit the exteriors of most homes and properties. Some opt for a white, crisp, clean look whilst other properties demand a more sedate coloured plastic, such as brown, that fits within the time and build of the property.

This material also lasts an incredibly long time and, apart from the occasional repair from time to time, it is virtually maintenance free.

If you think your roofline may need some attention or you are thinking of replacing or upgrading components of your roofline, contact Roofline Glasgow. With our years of experience and high quality customer service, you will have a stunning exterior to your property at an incredibly competitive price.

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