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Keep your roofline looking great!

Ask the majority of property owners about their roofline and how the upkeep it, most people would probably ask “what’s that then?”

There are various components to a roofline and making sure they are maintained properly will give them the best chance of standing up against the harsh weather here in Scotland. Here is our quick explanation of the various components that make up the roofline:

The Fascia is the long, straight board that runs along the end of the roof. It is the most robust component of your roofline as it not only holds up the first row of roof tiles, it also adds strength to the roof trusses and is the board which your gutters are attached to. In a heavy downpour, there can be several gallons of rainwater gushing off the roof into the gutters every second. Making sure this board is maintained against the harsh weather means that other important parts of your roof and property exterior in tip-top condition.

The Bargeboard on the other hand, is a component of the roofline on your property that sits and looks pretty! It is the board that covers the inner workings of your roof and does nothing more than that BUT you must keep it looking pretty as this is the board that is on show. Most bargeboards are wooden and painted therefore, the paint can and does peel; many homeowners chose to replace the wooden bargeboard with uPVC replacements, negating the need to paint (or any other form of maintenance).

The Soffit is the board that is not immediately obvious on your property but does an important job. This board is found underneath the fascia and the bargeboards, providing the all important ventilation for the roof space. If you roof space or loft is not ventilated or ventilated enough, you could find that you have issues with condensation in your home. Over time, this will cause problems in the roof space such as timber decay.

The Box End is the creative piece of your roofline; it is the component that covers or hides where each of the other three components meet, such as on the corner of your roof. Again, being on show, it is worth keep this well painted and maintained.

Maintaining the roofline on your home will...

  • Keep the exterior of your property looking well-maintained and visually appealing
  • Ensure that condensation does not form in your roof space causing interior problems
  • Stops the weather, especially rain from penetrating your property, causing damage

If you think your roofline could do with an upgrade, you might be surprised to know that it won’t cost as much as you think!

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