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The roofline on your Motherwell property does need some TLC…

Tender loving care is something we bestow on many things in and outside of our home and yet, we can sometimes forget the obvious or assume that because it is not malfunctioning, that all is well.

This is true of the roofline on many a Motherwell property which is why, on the nest dry, sunny day we suggest spending some time looking up and checking your roofline.

But, what is your roofline? And what are you looking for?

The roofline components

The roofline is the term given to describe the collection of components and items that help the roof do the job that it does; keeping the interior of your property dry and generally weather proof, as well as ventilated but warm. It does this by acting as both the buffer to wind and cold, as well as making sure that the rainwater that frequently cascades on your roof is funnelled away as soon as possible.

And thus the roofline components are the bits you can manly see, from the fascia boards that hold the gutters on, to the edging on the roof and the like. All this bits that do important job, yet are seen in many cases, as the unsung heroes of the exterior of your Motherwell property.

What are your looking for?

Essentially, you are looking up to see if everything looks in a good state of repair…

  • Are there any parts of the guttering, downpipes etc. missing?

If so, these parts can be easily replaced and relatively cheaply too, for most component parts of the roofline on a Motherwell property are inexpensive

  • Stains and marks

Stains on the exterior walls – usually green or brownish blemishes – are caused when rainwater is allowed to seep from gutters and other areas of the roof; over time, the constant exposure to sun and heat, as well as other weather, means that the water stains the exterior of the property. It means something is damaged.

You can also detect problems with roofline components at a Motherwell property by something aspects that occur within the property. If you can do so safely (but don’t take risks!), access your loft and look for the following…

  • Daylight – you should not be able to see daylight through any part of your roof or the edging; if you can, it may mean a roofline component has failed and needs replacing
  • Dampness – dampness in a loft or even in the main part of the property itself can be caused by water seeping in. this may only be a drop or two each time it rains but, over many months and sometimes years, this can seep through some parts of the building structure
  • Draughts – lofts should be well insulated and, although they can feel at a different temperature to the rest of the house, you will need to take action if you can feel draughts in the loft; again, this can mean that some parts of the roofline at your Motherwell property has failed.

The great news is that replacing parts or all of your roofline to give the exterior of your Motherwell property a lift is not expensive… why not call us to find out more?

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