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Taking Care of your Roofline

Why taking time to look up, spot signs early and get them repaired is an essential task in keeping the roofline of your Milngavie property in top condition.

No matter what your opinion is on global warming, climate change and whether the weather in the UK is getting worse, the thing that protects you from these harsh climatic elements is your roof. Without that being in the best condition it can, it cannot afford you and your family the best protection. Likewise, the roof is an integral part in the strength of the structure of your home; when the roofline is compromised, other parts of your building are effectively compromised too.

The outer layer of your roof is important; most common roofing materials are tiles, such as slate. There are other materials coming on to the market and some that are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. These materials form the outer protective layer, the last defensive stance against the wind, the rain, the freezing temperatures and the harshness of the sun’s rays.

If the weather starts to work its way in through undetected cracks and holes, it will start to eat away and erode the structure beneath. It is probably fair to say, that the majority of roofing structures within Milngavie homes is wood.

Wooden trusses form the strength and structure that hold up the outer layers, as well as holding together the outer walls of your Milngavie home or business premises. Wood, is of course, a ‘living’ product; sawn from a vast tree trunk found in either UK or European woodland, it dries out and then sucks in water again. It breathes as the temperature and atmosphere around it changes. As it dries, it contracts, and with moisture is swells.

Whilst this is a natural cycle to wood, if the slates or tiles on your roof are compromised and letting in rainwater, the wooden structure of your roof will simply soak up this moisture, like a sponge. And it will keep soaking it up… and still it will soak up more… and more… until it really cannot take anymore and will start to degrade, falling to pieces.

The more it does this, the more that particular section of your roof will weaken.

Even at this point, repair is not too costly but is essential, and will need doing sooner rather than later.

So, keep your roofline in perfect condition:

  • Check externally for any issues that you can see – if you spot something, don’t wait, call us as your earliest convenience for us to take a closer look
  • Check internally in the loft space for any damage or any tell-tale signs of leaks – these can be stains on walls as well as on the wooden rafters or trusses themselves.

Spot a problem? Then call us!

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All the S&D workers involved in the project were very helpful and took the time to explain each stage plus they took the time to clean up at each stag…

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