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Roofline Glasgow provide a roofing and guttering installation service to the Lenzie area.

Taking care of the roofline on your Lenzie home…

In all honesty, you probably don’t even give it as much as a glance. The only time you will pay any attention to the roofline on your Lenzie home is when it is not doing the job it is meant to do…

But what does it do?

The roofline on a property is the umbrella term given to several components that, although inconsequential in looks, perform essential and important roles. In the main, roofline components…

  • Channels away the rain water runoff from the roof
  • Allow your building to breathe, without allowing water or damp in
  • Some components are needed to protect structural components, such as the end of roof trusses and so on, from the elements
  • They also create visual appeal, making the edges and the exterior of your property look neat and tidy

When the roofline of your Lenzie home is compromised, what happens?

Although you may not think twice about your guttering, or worry about your fascia boards, they do play an important role and, when they do need repairing or replacing, if this is not done quick enough, your property can be at risk…

  • Stain exterior walls – when guttering and down pipes leak or are broken, the rain water is not channelled away as efficiently as it should be. Invariably what happens is that the water runs down an exterior wall. With sunshine and rain combining over time, a green tinged stain will begin to appear. If nothing else it doesn’t look great.
  • Damp inside – there is a saying that if you do discover damp in the home, look up. The roof, with small holes and so on, can be the main reason why some properties begin to suffer from a damp problem. The roofline can also be a source of damp; if rainwater is seeping in through a defective soffit, for example, over time, this dampness will start to seep down in to the main living space of the home.
  • Foundation heave – in some respects, foundation heave is the disaster which is commonly avoided as most people take action before it gets to this point. Water logged foundations results when there is a lack of guttering and, over a long period of time, the sodden foundations will begin to move. This can cause cracks in walls and can, if left unchecked, caused damage that requires extensive repairs.

The roofline on your Lenzie home IS important. Don’t wait for problems to come along; maintain it well and it will work to its best all of the time. When was the last time your checked your roofline?

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All the S&D workers involved in the project were very helpful and took the time to explain each stage plus they took the time to clean up at each stag…

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