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How to maintain the roofline on your Kirkintilloch home

The exterior of your property is the main defence against the weather; as soon as one or all of these components are compromised, the interior of your home is at risk.

The main roofline components:

Guttering – these are the channels and down pipes that are situated across the exterior of your property that funnel away rainwater as fast as possible, from the exterior of your property, especially your roof.

Fascia boards – these are the boards on which the guttering is fixed. In some cases, these boards are wooden and, unless they are painted on a regular basis, can soon rot away. Replacing these wooden boards with plastic ones can negate the need for maintenance.

Soffits – there are also part of the roofline and protect the roof edge; again these edges need to be maintained so that rain water does not find it way in to the interior space of the roof.

Why you need to maintain the roofline on your Kirkintilloch home…

Weather, particularly rain, can have a severe effect on the interior of a property if it is allows to carry on penetrating through the roof or roofline component.

In the first instance, it causes damp in the roof space. Allowed to carry on filtering in to the roof space it will cause the interior walls of the home to become damp.

Gutters that are blocked, or with parts missing can also cause problems with the foundations of a property; water logged foundations can heave, where the earth pushes upwards and causes the foundations to shift and move.

This essentially means that the building moves; depending on how much the property moves will be dictated by the extent of the heave.

Maintain your roofline and spot problems early

Just like other areas of the home, the sooner problems are spotted and dealt with, the cheaper they will be to deal with. Allowing it to continue unabated will mean a far more expensive bill at the end of the day!

Can we help with maintain the roofline of your Kirkintilloch home?

The roofline is essentially working at height, something that makes it a difficult and dangerous task should some items need repairing. As a professional and experienced company, we can perform routine maintenance tasks, such as cleaning gutters, as well as undertaking general repairs. We can also perform a complete upgrade of your roofline, which gives many a Kirkintilloch property a fabulous face lift.

Does the roofline on your Kirkintilloch home need updating or repairing?

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