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Roofline Glasgow provide a roofing and guttering installation service to the Kingspark area.

Keep your kerb appeal – maintain the roofline of your home!

Your roofline is not just about making and keeping your house looking in great condition; it also performs an essential role every hour of the day. The components of your roofline – the guttering, fascia, soffits and more – all help keep your house looking good by ensuring rainwater passes off the structure of the property as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

What happens when roofline is neglected?

Unfortunately, the roofline system on many properties is often neglected, with poor repairs or none at all contributing to issues outside and inside the property – if they are allowed to continue for any length of time.

Considering the main purpose of the various components is to effectively channel rainwater away from the property, by not maintaining it and replacing broken parts, water will find its way into the property. This may not take the form of a leak, as such but water running down exterior walls for days on end will inevitably mean that as well as unsightly stains, interior damp and mould could soon happen.

Not only this, various components of the roofline on properties also keep out ‘vermin’ – the pigeons, other birds and squirrels that would all like to share our warm, sheltered homes with them! These are the reasons why your guttering, fascia, soffits etc. need to be weather tight and well-maintained.

Proper repair and replacement

Many homeowners believe that by placing a capping board over the top of rotting wood is a ‘good enough’ repair in the short term but, in all honesty it does nothing at all. The wood still rots away underneath. This is just one example of a poor repair – replacement in the cases of worn and old components is the most cost-effective approach.

Easy to maintain…

…in fact, many of the modern day replacement components for your roofline are actually more or less maintenance free. High quality, long-lasting and low maintenance, the uPVC roofline components for your home will mean no more sanding or painting, wobbling on ladders on a weekend afternoon when you would rather be doing something else…

Many choices

And if you are worried that you will have a limited choice, then think again. Roofline components for Kingspark properties come in a wide variety of colours and trims, meaning that there is a style that suits your property from the ultra-modern to classic designs. 

What many customers also do not realise is that you do not need to replace the whole system in the event of a small malfunction; as a modular system, the components can be individually replaced! Why not take another look at your roofline – does it need an uplift?

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All the S&D workers involved in the project were very helpful and took the time to explain each stage plus they took the time to clean up at each stag…

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