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The roofline at your property – how does it look?

The roof is by and the large, possibly the most unloved part of our home; along with the various roofline components, it sits there year on year, keeping us warm and dry, as well as lending strength and structure to the outside walls of the property.

Now might be the time to give the roofline at your property a second glance…

Poorly maintained or damage that is allowed to grow in size and severity, can cause a whole heap of problems for the home – and your budget! But not only this, a tired looking roofline at your Hamilton property can also make your property look tired, jaded and –dare we say it? – uncared for appearance.

If you are trying to sell your property, it may be something that once replaced, could give your home the appeal it needs to create that all-important first impressions

Choosing the right material

The choice of material, in all honesty when it comes to replacing parts or all of the roofline at your Hamilton property is wood or plastic. There are other options; for example, you can invest in bespoke metal gutters that are in true keeping with the period of your property but these can be incredibly expensive, despite being worthwhile and sympathetic to the overall look of a property.

Many people are switching to PVC (plastic) roofline at their Hamilton properties and here’s why…

  • Life expectancy – without damage, the life of plastic roofline at your Hamilton property should last around 35 years before it needs replacing
  • Problem free – in most cases, the material itself needs very little in terms of repair or maintenance, making it a relatively problem free material for more or less all of the roofline components.

The roofline –spotting problems early

Taking a few minutes every month to look up and examine the edges of your roof is the way to keep an eye out for any potential problems. The roofline includes the guttering, as well as the boards on which these channels are sat, the edges on the apex of the roof as well as the boards underneath the roof – these component parts provide important ventilation within the roof space.

The moral of the roofline story?

Spot problems early and get their repaired in good time; allowing the old wooden fascia board to rot away will mean the guttering component of the roofline at your Hamilton property will fail; over time, rainwater will continue to erode the outside fabric of the building… eventually, if the repair has not been made, it could start to cause issues with the foundations.

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