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What a fully-functioning roofline does on a Cumbernauld property

A fully functioning roofline is one that you won’t take any notice of, simply because it is doing its job without creating a problem. Silent in its work and with no moving parts, the roofline of your Cumbernauld is not a complicated system BUT, when it malfunctions it can cause untold problems to the exterior, interior and possibly the foundations of your property too.

What the roofline does

In a nutshell, it is all the edging around your roof along with the guttering system that seals the inside of your property against the elements.

Wind and rain, along with blistering sunshine, can and does have an impact on your property. For example, the roof is an important structure and in a heavy downpour, there can be gallon of rainwater unleashed on it every minute. You want and need this rainwater to be funnelled away from your property as quickly as possible, but you also don’t want it finding its way inside the roof space.

As you live in and enjoy your home, you also want to retain as much heat as possible but without trapping moist, warm air in your home. In other words, your property needs adequate ventilation. This again is something that you rely on your roofline to do, although this can vary from one property to another.

Maintaining the roofline

The roofline of your Cumbernauld home needs to be maintained but it is often forgotten about until something goes wrong;

  • Rotting fasica boards – gutters, either plastic or old cast iron ones, are attached to a fascia boards. On most properties, these fasica boards are wooden which unless maintained by being painted and so on, will rot in the rain. This weakens them and thus, with the weight of rainwater in the gutter, could collapse.
  • Leaking gutters – if the gutters are leaking, the water will either be running down an exterior wall or cascading onto the ground around the edge of your property. This, if allowed to continue, could cause damp to seep through the outside walls but, if allowed to continue unabated over time, could cause a problem known as foundation heave.
  • Ventilation – the soffit is the board that runs parallel to the wall and in some properties this is ventilated to allow moist air to escape. In some cases, the soffit was not replaced with a ventilated one thus, you may have a problem with condensation in the upper levels of your home.

The good news

Maintaining and repairing the roofline on your Cumbernauld property is relatively simple and straightforward, if you know how to do it. It also means working at height so why not get the professionals in? Call us today.

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