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Your roofline and your Cathcart property – an essential component

Your roofline. You probably don’t give it a second thought; in fact, you probably not even sure what it part of your roofline, and what is not included. In this article, we are going to identify key aspects of your roof and its components, the part they play in keeping your home water-proof and well-ventilated, as well as the importance of keeping them in good order.

What is the roofline on your Cathcart property?

The main components and their tasks are:

Guttering – this is the half and whole pipes that collect rainwater from the roof, and whisk it away to the drainage in the ground. Guttering is fixed to the building, with a variety of clips and these too can work lose or drop off over time. Sagging or blocked guttering can be a nuisance; rainwater stains the exterior walls and it allowed to continue, could cause damp problems within the property.

Fascia – this is the boards, wooden or plastic, that the guttering is fixed too. Plastic fascia rarely offer issue to rooflines on Cathcart properties, but wooden fascia, either through the passage of time and/or poor maintenance can rot, causing guttering to work loose.

Bargeboards – these are a type of fascia board that offers an aesthetic appeal to your property, forming a neat edge at the apex of the roof and the gable end.

Soffits – these are the board that runs at a 90° angle to the ground under the edging of the roof; often they are ventilated as this forms an important part of air circulation within the roof. Wooden soffits rot over time and if they are missing from the roofline of your Cathcart home, all manner of problems can arise from unwanted insects and birds in the loft, to heat loss.  

Cladding – not all properties have this ‘overlapping planking’. Traditionally wood, it can be repainted although some roofline Cathcart customers are opting for it to be replaced with insulated, plastic versions.

Do you feel your roofline needs attention?

Today, many of us are still feeling the pinch on the recession and so we have cut back on many of the routine maintenance tasks that we would normally complete by paying a professional and expert company to do so.

Maintaining or replacing certain components of your roofline is important for your home; not only will rainwater run off more effectively, your home will also look so much better too.

Why not take another look at the roofline of your Cathcart home and, if you think it needs some TLC, give us a call?

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