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Keep your roofline ‘ship-shape’!

EVERYTHING needs maintenance; this can be anything from sorting out small problems quickly and easily, to giving something a really good clean. But, some aspects and components of our homes, if left for too long, can actually go on to create damage that needs more specialised repair… and this can only mean one thing: EXPENSE!

The roofline on your Bothwell home is one of those aspects of home maintenance that is often ‘ignored’ until disaster strikes; when a component of the roofline fails, it can quickly cause problems. But what does the roofline of a property do? Why are the bits of board and the like, so important to the integral structure of your home?

Here’s why…

  • Ventilation – every home needs to breathe. As we breathe, live and work in a property, we create moist heat and this all needs to go somewhere. Keep it all in, and living in a property will soon become uncomfortable.

Heat rises and so, the loft and various component parts of the roofline act as ventilation allowing moisture out, but without letting huge cold draughts in! But, the drive to make our homes more energy efficient has meant some people become confused about sealing their homes… but forgetting to let moisture OUT.

  • Protect against damp – however, the roofline on your Bothwell property does a great job. It lets moisture out, but keeps it out too. Rainwater, seeping in through the smallest of holes can, over time, start to create a damp problem. It may appear in the corner of an upstairs room or on the interior of an outside wall. Either way, many people assume that when they see damp that they have an issue with their property soaking up moisture from below. Most builders and roofing experts agree that, at the first sign of damp in a property, look up – is your roofline in good repair?
  • Protect against leaks – it is leaks, however small, that cause the biggest problems within a property and again, the roofline on you Bothwell home is the first line of defence when it comes to helping the roof keep rain out. Rotting fascia boards and wonky guttering not only look unsightly, but can be letting in rain…
  • Look after your foundation too – not many people realise the long term damage that leaks can cause to the whole of the property. If you allow the roof to carry on leaking, or the rainwater to carry on gushing out over blocked or broken guttering, that the foundations of a property can become saturated. When this happens, it can cause a property to ‘heave’ or move slightly… and getting this corrected can be very expensive…

And so know you see what an important job the roofline on your Bothwell property does, do you think you should give us a call…?

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All the S&D workers involved in the project were very helpful and took the time to explain each stage plus they took the time to clean up at each stag…

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