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When is the best time to get the roofline of a property examined?

Your roofline is important; the various component parts, from the soffits to the fascia boards all perform an important task – they keep your house water and weather tight. If any or all of these components fail, there can be disaster that, if left unchecked will cost a lot of money to repair damage and replace…

What happens when the roofline at a property fails?

There are three consequences of leaving your roofline to fall in to disrepair:

  • Damp – there does need to be a gaping hole in the roof or a complete roofline component missing in order for rain or moisture from making its way in to the upper reaches of a property. The hole can be fairly small but, over time, it will allow water and other moisture to slowly seep in to the building; this moisture will seep into the fabric of your property and, if left unchecked, you may start to notice damp in the upper level of the property.
  • Damage – however, before this damp problems appears, the water and any other weather that can access the interior of your property, such as cold, ice, wind etc. can also cause damage within the roof cavity, the very place that roofline components are means to protect of a property. Within the roof are the important wooden trusses that provide stability and strength to the walls of a building; weather can slowly damage these and, if left unchecked for a prolonged period of time, will cause expensive damage. Repair, in some cases, means replacements…
  • Pests – there are some pests who enjoy the loft cavity as a place to make their homes etc. Squirrels for example, although naturally found in woodland will squeeze into a loft space through a hole the same size as its head; this small hole can appear at any time in various roofline components due to wind or rain damage!

Timing is everything!

The roofline can be checked any time of year but…

  • After autumn – autumn is the season where leaves drop from trees and other detritus can be carried long distance in autumnal winds. As well as the weather causing damage to the roofline, leaves etc., blocking gutters, an important part of the roofline system can also cause them to fail
  • After winter – the winter weather can be harsh; from howling gales and driving rain, to sub-zero temperatures, the winter weather can wreak havoc with the exterior of our properties
  • After storms – storms can happen any time of year, from summer storms to winter squalls, if your property has been subject to prolonged weather conditions, then check the roofline for damage as soon as it is past

The roofline is integral to keeping your Bellshill property water and weather tight but, unlike other home maintenance chores and costs, maintaining it in good repair need not be expensive…

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