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Roofline Glasgow provide a roofing and guttering installation service to the Bearsden area.

The importance of maintaining the roofline of your Bearsden home

It is important to spend a little time, energy and money keeping your home in a good state of repair. It all adds up when it comes to selling your home as well as when there are periods of inclement weather; you can shelter inside your home, knowing that the roofline can withstand the rigours of the weather.


Let’s stick with weather for a moment. It would seem, from the various media reports, weather warnings as well as some of the various programmes on TV that our weather is getting worse. If you believe the predictions, we will be subjected to more testing bouts of severe weather from snow and ice, through to swirling, raging storms and baking hot heat waves.

Our homes are built to withstand these bouts of weather, with the roofline – in other words, the drainage and the protective components on the outside of our properties – providing the necessary functional channels, if you like, to remove the snow, ice, water etc. away from the structure of the building as quickly as possible. Draining it away means that there is little time for it to sit and eat away at the fabric of the building.

But functionality does not have to equal boring; your roofline can still be stylish.


As with all things, the choice of roofline materials and components have steadily increased over time; as new technologies and materials have been invented, new component parts of the roofline have come in to existence.

Tip #1 – Invest in a good system

All too often, we rarely look at the outside of our Bearsden homes, examining in detail the various component parts of the roofline. Many older properties still sport the cast iron guttering etc and, if it is good working order, then there is no need to fix what is not broken. But, it your roofline starts to fail, our tip is to get it sorted– and this may mean investing in a new system.

Tip #2 – a good system needs little maintenance

In our experience, we find a good roofline made from the latest materials and professionally installed, needs very little, if any, maintenance. Apart from unblocking and keeping channels clear on the guttering, your roofline needs very little attention.

Neither will you need specialist tools. But, if you are not confident working at heights, then leave this to the professionals. For a reasonable fee, a company such as ours, Roofline Glasgow, can perform small but essential roofline maintenance tasks.

Take some time to look at your roofline on your Bearsden property. Are there parts that need some TLC? Does it look past its best? Is there evidence of leaks or gaps?

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