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Why the roofline of your Baillieston home is more important that you thinkk

Our home is the place where we should feel safe. It shelters us from all kinds, including the weather. But, with all the talk relating to energy efficiency and keeping warm, some people think that this means the house should be completely air tight.

In existing properties, this is hard to do but in some newer properties, being air tight is a possibility BUT, a property needs to be able to breath.

Unfortunately, some of these lesser known facts are compromised when people who are inexperienced to complete a job take on the task – and the roofline of your Baillieston home is one aspect that may have been compromised.

What is the roofline?

The roofline of your Baillieston properties are all those components that finish the look of a home. In other words, the guttering, the boards on which the gutters are fixed, the edging around the roof and so on.

They all play an important role in keeping the weather out of your home, the roof space in particular but also allows your home to breathe.

In the eaves area of your home, you may see boards that are ventilated. They are this way for a reason and that is to ensure that any moist air from inside the home can escape. If moist air is kept in the home, it can lead the mould on inside walls and so on.

Weather and pests are kept out too

However, when these components of the roofline on your Baillieston property are compromised, it can mean that the weather starts to find its ways in and we are all aware of how destructive rainwater can be.

But, did you know that certain pests can also find their way into our homes when some components of the roofline are compromised?

The squirrel, for example, in the main enjoys local woodland to forage and make their homes but, the interior space of the loft can also make a safe warm place to raise their young too. Able to squeeze through an opening no bigger than their head, if your fascia boards and so on, on your home are compromised, they can gain access.

Of course, instances of squirrels in lofts, and any other pest, are few and far between but it just goes to show how important the roofline of your Baillieston home actually is.

It also forms the first impression that people have of your home too – could yours do with a little maintenance and repair?

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