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The importance of the roofline at your property

The roofline is the unsung hero of the exterior of your property. It performs vital functions and yet, it is largely ignored.

When was the last time you looked at the roofline of your home?

The likelihood it, that it was a long time ago. In most cases, people do not bother with or take any notice of the roofline until something goes wrong with it.

What is the roofline and, if you do look up, what are you looking for? What are the signs that there is something wrong with a roofline component?

The roofline – what is it?

The roofline of your property consist of various components such as the fascia boards on to which the gutters are attached – also a roofline component – as well as the down pipes, soffits and so on.

Basically, the roofline are all the bits and pieces that finish the roof, protecting the edges from weather finding its way into the interior of the home. It is also the pieces that channel rainwater away from the property so that the water does not cause issues with the foundations and so on.

Is the roofline in need of maintenance and repair?

The roofline functions, largely without issue for long periods of time. But, when things do go wrong, the problems can be far reaching, especially if allowed to go on for long periods of time.

  • Cracking and splits – the gutters and down pipes can become split or cracked. Plastic tends to be the material of choice of modern guttering systems which is largely robust and strong. However, prolonged periods of poor weather such as a freeze, followed by a thaw can lead to some plastic roofline components at your home splitting.
  • Not fitted correctly – there are occasions when we come across components that have either not been fitted properly or, are the wrong materials to use. For example, the soffit on some roofline systems are meant to offer the roof space breathability. But, sometimes when they are replaced, ventilated materials are not used, hence there can be problem with damp in the roof space.
  • Blocked and under-maintained – it is true to say that a roofline does not need as much maintenance as you think but, a little care can go a long way. Guttering, for example, should be kept clear so that the rainwater can run freely and quickly away from the roof.

If you think the roofline at your home may need repair or maintaining, why not give us a call?

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