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Roofline Glasgow provide a gutter replacement service to the Thorntonhall area.

Why looking after the guttering on your home is really important

Those channels of plastic and downpipes that you barely give a second thought to, are really important for your home;

  • They prevent damage by rainwater (and this can be a big problem if the gutters are not functioning at maximum capacity)
  • And they keep your property looking spic and span, hence if you are planning on selling they do contribute to the kerb appeal of your Thorntonhall home

Hence, the guttering system needs to be able to work to its maximum efficiency to cope with all manner of weathers.

Coping well?

Weather can be unpredictable; look at spring 2013, for example. One week, parts of Scotland were basking in temperatures of 27° and the next week, we were knee-deep in snow. And through all this, the guttering system on Thorntonhall homes and businesses need to be able to sweep away this thawing ice and snow, along with the rain quickly so that there is very little water left lying around on your property.

If your gutters or down pipes have leaks, dents, drips and the water is pouring over the top, they are not coping well and they need attention.


Guttering has moved on in terms of appearance and quality, especially with the ‘invention’ of plastic. Gutters and piping are now lighter, and can more or less be leak-proof. They also come on different shapes and colours so that they match the exterior of your property, contributing to its visual appeal rather than detracting from it.

But like everything else in and around your home, it needs to be maintained so it lasts for as long as possible, as well as doing its important job to the best of its ability;

  • Debris and leaves are the common enemy of a guttering system at any Thorntonhall property, although if you have overhanging trees then it is more of a concern. Having the gutters cleared and cleaned at least every 6 months is desirable
  • Choosing a quality system if you are in the fortunate position of replacing and upgrading you guttering system will reap dividends over the years; stronger and more robust, with the odd bit of maintenance every now and then, they will channel away the water fast.
  • Notice a problem? Like an overflowing gutter or a leaking down pipe – then get it fixed asap. Not a huge impact on the household budget in its early stages, a leak or blockage, however, can cause a huge problem if it allowed to continue unabated for months (years in some cases).

However, cleaning and maintaining guttering at your Thorntonhall may mean working at height and, if this is not something you are comfortable doing or do not have the right equipment for, then you simply must get the professionals in… why not call us?

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All the S&D workers involved in the project were very helpful and took the time to explain each stage plus they took the time to clean up at each stag…

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