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Rain Management – an increasing need with climate change?

Keep an eye on the guttering of your home, it could become more important that you ever imagine…

Whether you choose to prescribe to the climate change theory or not, scientists predict that water will be in shorter supply within the coming years than ever before. However, as we emerge from the wettest winter on record, it seem almost too ludicrous an assertion, especially when other scientists are saying that flooding will also be on the increase.

And so, with these contradictory arguments ringing in our ears, the guttering on your property still needs care and attention.

It’s all about balance

In some areas, the topography (the types of soil etc.) mean that ground is not as efficient in its actions of drainage as in other parts of the UK. The main purpose of guttering is for rainwater to leave your property as efficiently as possible; failure to do this means that, over time, your property can experience a whole heap of expensive-to-rectify problems.

The surroundings

Guttering at your property may need cleaning if you have a lot is surrounding vegetation; pine needs for example, can block gutters in a matter of days and the clumping together of falling leaves in the autumn can also soon cause problems.

Blockages can mean that the rainwater simply overflows the gutter which, as with previous problems mentioned, can cause your property to have a whole heap of issues, including damp, as well as unsightly stains on the exterior walls.

Rain harvesting

For those customers concerned regarding the shortage of water in the future, the guttering on your property could give you the answer. Collecting rainwater in barrels is nothing new but there are now a whole heap of new products on the market that can give you increased accessibility of this collected rainwater. Enclosed barrels with taps are now commonplace in many a garden.

To get the best from your guttering – maintain it!

Guttering is on our homes for a reason and so keeping it in tip-top condition means that it can perform to the best of its ability. Taking time and care to clean gutters, check for damage and repair any issues that arise as soon as possible are the ways forward in maintaining a free-flowing system.

The guttering on your property need not be replaced every time there is a maintenance issue; for example, smaller parts of your guttering can be easily replaced.

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All the S&D workers involved in the project were very helpful and took the time to explain each stage plus they took the time to clean up at each stag…

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