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Roofline Glasgow provide a gutter replacement service to the Newton Mearns area.

Pros and Cons of Guttering

Guttering is something we see on so many domestic properties and yet, we find that some properties do not have guttering. Ever seen gutters and the various component parts on the outside of a modern office block, for example?

Guttering on the exterior of our properties does perform a vital function but what is guttering and how do you know you need it?

Guttering – what it does?

Gutters on domestic properties are long, narrow tubes that form channels for rainwater to leave the outside of the building. Typically, it funnels rainwater from the roof. Essentially, the gutters drive the rainwater away from the foundations of your home so that moisture does not compromise the structure of your building. Should the earth around your property become water-logged, water could leak into your basement and can contribute in the longer term to subsistence.

Rain cascading off your property will create a water fall affect which, if you have a significant overhang shouldn’t be too much of a problem. However, on the majority of domestic properties this is not the case; the earth immediately surrounding your property will be eroded and getting in and out your house without being soaked, will be a tad more difficult.

The problem with guttering

Despite its vital role in funnelling rainwater of our properties, there is a drawback with guttering – gutters are open to collect items other than rainwater. They can become clogged with all manner of debris from mouldy autumn leaves to seeds etc. This hinders the free-flow of water and pooling water is heavy; over time, this damages the gutter, pulling them away from the house ad impeding the flow of rainwater.

But there is a way of avoiding this…

… maintenance! Guttering on your home does need to be cleaned on a regular basis to stop this happening. If you have overhanging trees, we suggest a twice yearly clean and general maintenance overhaul but if you live in a more open location, then once a year should suffice.

Keeping your guttering in good order is not a difficult or expensive thing to do. If you are confident with heights, then a stiff-bristled brush, ladder and bucket for the debris are the only tools you require.

However, not everyone had the time of the inclination to spend their precious few days off from their busy jobs to spend them balancing precariously on a ladder, cleaning the guttering of their property.

There are many companies who now offer this essential maintenance service on both domestic and business properties. Why not get a health check done on your gutters, ready for the winter?

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