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Roofline Glasgow provide a gutter replacement service to the Kilmarnock area.

Why bother keeping the guttering on your home in good order?

After all, there is so much else to do about the house, so many other improvements and ‘wear and tear’ that needs repairing that the guttering on the exterior of the property is often the last in a long queue of ‘things to fix or replace’.
But, the guttering on your home is important and when it is not function to its full capacity due to damage or missing parts, it will be having an effect on your home…


Guttering if the first line of defence against the weather, in particular rain. The average rainfall for the area varies between 60mm and 85mm, with the number of days per month in which it rains being on average 10 days a month. In the winter, the number of days per month that see rain fall can increase to 20 days.

This all means that the guttering on a Kilmarnock home is working hard all year round but, when it is dry and the summer sun appears, this too can have an impact on the guttering.

With such relatively cheap components so replace working so hard to protect the integrity and strength of a property, surely they are worth a second glance every now and then?

Cold cause water to solidify to ice; when ice melts it expands, and can damage sections of the gutter. Standing water, where water has pooled and not been channelled away, this can also cause the gutter to sag, as pooling water is heavy.

But, guttering has a great record for keeping on working, over and over again but, when they are damaged, the rain can cause expensive damage to the property. For example, if left for years and years, the heavy flow of rainwater into the ground beneath the property can cause foundation heave; in other words, the foundations become water logged, and as this water ebbs and flows with rain and dry spells, the foundations move… your property is moving too!

Visual appeal

And broken or malfunctioning guttering on a home can also affect how it looks. Long before foundation heave takes hold, the walls will be stained from rainwater. You may also find damp patches emerging inside too.

Replacing the whole of the guttering system is not the expensive job that you assume it to be but, there is some technical skill involved. The guttering channels etc. need to look straight, but actually be fixed at a slight gradient, to encourage run-off. Get this wrong, and the uplift to the exterior of your property can look more than a little ‘wonky’…!

If you have any question about the guttering on your Kilmarnock property, or would like sections repairing or the whole system replacing, contact us to find out just how affordable a home improvement this is.

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All the S&D workers involved in the project were very helpful and took the time to explain each stage plus they took the time to clean up at each stag…

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