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Roofline Glasgow provide a gutter replacement service to the Giffnock area.

The Importance of Guttering

Let’s be honest – how often do you give your guttering a second thought? You probably don’t except when it starts leaking, dropping off your property or sagging in an unpleasant way. When you have cascades of rainwater pouring from your malfunctioning gutters you will soon realise how important they are.

What is guttering?

Virtually all homes and premises these days are fitted with gutters. They are the narrow trough like channels that run around the perimeter of your roof. The rainwater rolls of your roof, collecting in the guttering beneath it, which then acts as a channel to funnel away the rainwater.

The water then falls away through the down or drain pipes, in most cases into the main sewer. Some  homeowners, with one eye on the environment, have their rainwater harvested and can be used for flushing the loo etc.

Usually made from high quality uPVC in the modern day, many properties still sport the elegant looking cast iron gutters but, they do need maintaining which means regular painting with a high quality exterior paint. With a vast array of colours in this type of paint, you can paint your gutters to match or contrast with the overall look of your property.

Thinking of replacing your guttering on your property?

You may be surprised to learn there are a few different shapes and systems to choose from, dependant on your property and its needs. Some common types of guttering systems are:

  • Box gutters as the name suggests, is where the gutters are boxed into roof, making them almost invisible. However, check that this system has an emergency overflow for particularly heavy downpours.
  • Fascia gutters are when the fascia and the gutter components of the roofline are combined meaning the need to replace them as separate elements is no longer needed. Also known as eaves gutters they are fitted right on the rafters of the roof.
  • Square gutters are brilliant in areas where there is expected and prolonged rainfall; with a capacity for carrying larger than normal rain water amounts, they cause few problems when fitted correctly.
  • Round gutters are probably the type you are most familiar with seeing on properties; semi-circle in shape, some have a square back but they cope with large volumes of water and are also known as ‘self leaning’, perfect for letting water flow smoothly away.
  • Quad gutters also known as ‘D gutters’, are available in a range of differing widths and profiles, as well as some variations in style too.

As you can see maintaining guttering on your property is essential – and easy when you contact an experienced company such as Roofline Glasgow.

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