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Roofline Glasgow provide a gutter replacement service to the Eaglesham area.

What is the right material for the guttering on your property?

We do not often think of replacing, renewing or upgrading the guttering on the front of our properties; in fact, many of us do not give it a second thought UNTIL it is no longer functioning correctly, dousing the outside of our property with rain water – as we make the wet, mad dash from car to house.

If the time has come to upgrade, renew or replace your guttering system, which material will you choose?

Older style properties with original or aged guttering systems were made from iron. An excellent choice for many guttering systems, iron is a long lasting material, immune for a long time to the corrosive effects of rainwater.

However, there are a few flaws with iron gutters – they are difficult to repair or seal if they start to leak and they do need some regular attentions, such as painting or they will corrode over time.

Likewise, where the paint has worn away, and the metal exposed, as the rain runs of it, it can stain the wall leaving the façade of your property not looking the way you want it to.

Today, iron guttering can also be expensive but, it is still available and if you decide that this is the right material for you, it is possible to buy it – and it comes in different shapes too! Hence, if you are restoring your property to its former glory – or a listed building – you can purchase and have fitted, the correct shape of iron guttering.

The modern alternative

However, if the need to use iron is not a pressing concern, then uPVC guttering for your property could be the alternative option open to you.

The benefits of uPVC guttering systems are several and numerous…

  • Plastic is immune to the corrosive effects of weather and rain
  • As well as this durability, it is far cheaper than iron
  • It is available in a range of different styles, and colours so it can be matched to the façade of your property (or draw a contrast, whichever ‘look’ you want)
  • Modern properties look better with uPVC, modern guttering systems
  • It needs very little maintenance or repair work; should it need to be repaired, sections can be replaced easily without the need to replace the whole system
  • And finally, uPVC guttering is effectively cost-effective with many of the smaller pieces being very cheap.

In fact, it is incredibly cost-effective home improvement but, to get your guttering replaced or repaired, get the experts on the job! Call Roofline Glasgow!

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