Guttering Dullatur

Roofline Glasgow provide a gutter replacement service to the Dullatur area.

Wandering what the guttering on your property does?

How to keep the guttering in tip top condition is not difficult, time-consuming nor expensive when you come to Roofline Glasgow.

What the guttering on your property should do…

It should catch the rainwater as is cascades off of your roof, channelling it away down the gutters and down pipes. It should do this unhindered, with all of the rainwater being funnelled away.

What can happen to prevent this efficient working of the gutters?

  • Debris – seeds, leaves, twigs and other detritus all find their way in to the gutters. Transported by the wind as well as dropped by birds, these pieces of detritus can be quite large. They can also accumulate quickly in the gutter.

The result is a blocked gutter, leading to rainwater not be able to flow down the guttering on your property, leading to an overflow of rain water instead.

  • Broken gutter pipe – as well as birds landing on it, the gutter is under strain in the winter when rainwater freezes and then thaws in it. Rainwater can sometimes pool in a gutter and although initially this may not cause any problems, during very cold weather, the water remaining in the gutter can freeze.

When water thaws, it expands and this can cause small cracks to appear in the guttering. Water is heavy too and this causes the gutter to sag, all leading to a less than smooth flow of rainwater away from your property.

  • Incorrectly fixed gutters – there is nothing overly complex about the guttering on your home but, there is a common mistake that many people make when their repair or replace gutters themselves: they fix the guttering straight.

All guttering should be fixed at a slight angle, leading the water downwards towards the down pipe. Too much of an angle and the water will flow too fast, swamping the down pipe but not enough will lead to water falling back and pooling.

  • Rotting fascia boards – the guttering itself may not be at fault but the board to which it is attached, known as the fascia, could be rotting.

Even when the guttering is fixed correctly with water able to flow away from the property effectively and efficiently, if the board to which it is attached is rotting, it will lead to the angel of the gutter not being correct. This could lead to pooling of water in the gutter, as well as the gutter coming away from the property completely.

The good news is, is that most guttering issues can be resolved quickly and without fuss. Find out just how quick we can resolve your gutter crisis by calling us today!

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All the S&D workers involved in the project were very helpful and took the time to explain each stage plus they took the time to clean up at each stag…

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