Guttering Cumbernauld

Roofline Glasgow provide a gutter replacement service to the Cumbernauld area.

Taking care of the guttering on your home

The list of tasks that need completing to look after your property never seems to end. Just when you think you have done everything, something else comes along that needs your attention.

The guttering on your Cumbernauld home is one of these tasks. It is something that we rarely given a second thought too until that is, there is a problem with it. Fortunately, the gutters are not a complex piece of kit and it takes very little to keep them functioning to the best of their ability.

What the gutters do

The guttering system on your Cumbernauld property is a series of pipes and half pipes that channel away the rainwater from the roof as quickly as possible. You will see the half pipes fixed horizontally around your property, all of which feed in to down pipes.

These gutters have an important job: they protect the exterior and interior of your property from the effects of rain and damp. And here’s how they do it;

  • Collect and funnel rainwater away as effectively and efficiently as possible

In any given downpour, there can be gallons of water cascading off your roof every minute. The guttering on your Cumbernauld property will capture this rain and will form the track along which this rain water will run off.
A simple yet effective system, there a few things that can go wrong…

Accumulation of leaves and other detritus in the gutter can lead to blockages. This means that the water isn’t able to run away as quickly as it should. This can lead to rain overflowing from the gutter, and running down the outside of your walls etc.

  • The gutters are fixed at a slight angle

Many people replace their gutters, a job that is easy enough if you are happy to work at height (*NEVER take risks). But they make a fundamental mistake, assuming that the guttering on their Cumbernauld home should be fixed level.

Rainwater runoff in the gutters is important and when not fixed correctly, the water can ‘pool’. This means it collects like a puddle and is unable to flow as smoothly as it should from one end of the guttering to the downpipe. This can cause cracks or sagging in the gutter as the water pooling in one spot is heavy. Over time, the gutter can breakaway completely.

Maintaining and replacing guttering on your home

We are an experienced company, offering the best guttering products and fitting service. We can also maintain your gutters, from cleaning them to making sure they are fixed securely and correctly.
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All the S&D workers involved in the project were very helpful and took the time to explain each stage plus they took the time to clean up at each stag…

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