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Gutter guards – are they right for your property?

Guttering on your property performs a vital function – it allows gallons and gallons of rainwater to swiftly leave the exterior of your property. When the gutters clog, water pools in the channels; over time, this has a detrimental effects.

Water is heavy and when it pools, sitting in one place for days and days, it will eventually weaken the channel, causing it to bulge. In winter, this water can freeze and the resulting thawing action as the temperature increases again cause the channel to be damaged further. Eventually, the gutter will split and leak.

This leaking rainwater will eventually start to stain the exterior wall and one day, you will look at your property and decide it is looking a tad ‘uncared for’. If this leaking continues for long periods, it can cause problems with the foundations of a property.

Maintaining guttering on your home is, therefore essential but there are many products on the market, all of which claim to stop this blocking of gutters and subsequent pooling. After all, climbing up a ladder to clean the gutters is not the ideal way to spend a Saturday afternoon…

Types of guttering guards

  • Mesh guards – these metal netting guards are attached to the roof in some cases and cover the gutter. The idea is, leaves and larger pieces of detritus are kept from falling in to the gutters and accumulating, causing a blockage
  • Reverse guttering guards – like a upturned channel, the idea behind these guards is that the rain water can still flow or drip in to the main channel underneath, but other larger items such as leaves are forces to the ground
  • Bottle brush guards – the are made from bristles that face upright inside the gutter; the leaves and other unwanted rubbish sits on the bristles but the water is able to flow away underneath

There are other guards on the market too, all over various degrees of success and there are any pros to using them, from preventing birds making nests in guttering systems, as well as eliminating the need to clean gutters regularly BUT, some experts suggest that they breed complacency when it comes to maintain the guttering on properties and others.

Installing gutter guards are no substitute to maintaining and just generally looking after the guttering systems on your property. There are, of course, smaller items that can cause gutters to be blocked, not just leaves.

How well do you look after your guttering system on your property?

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