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Roofline Glasgow provide a gutter replacement service to the Baillieston area.

First impressions and the guttering of your home

If you are looking to sell your property or just keep it in tip top condition for you, there are many things you can do. But, you may not realise how important guttering is at your home for not only forming the right impressions of the property, but the job that it actually does too.

From colourful potted plants to a new outside paint job, sprucing up your home need not take too much time, effort or money. In fact, the guttering can be a big part of the first impression that your home creates on people.

The gutters at your property – what they should do…

Guttering was invented to form channels along which rainwater could be funnelled away from the roof quickly and easily. It makes moving around the outside of the property in wet weather a lot more pleasant too, as there will not be gallons of rainwater cascading over every edge.

When the guttering at a property is working, it is rarely noticed.

When it stops functioning effectively, it presents some issues. If not rectified, these issues will become bigger…

  • Unsightly exterior walls – if guttering at your property starts leaking, and it allowed to continue leaking, the outside walls can soon begin to look a mess. Not only will mud splash from the ground up the wall when rain water hits it, water seeping from the gutters can also cause an unsightly stain near the source of the broken gutter.
  • Damp walls inside the property – with rainwater now seeping through the guttering on to the exterior wall, this water can soak through the brick or whatever building material, causing damp patches within the home.
  • Foundation heave – this is the worst case scenario after rainwater has been allowed to run down the side of a property’s walls for a long time. The foundations will become water logged but they may also dry out… then become water logged again… then dry out… you can see the cycle emerging of what happens. Sodden foundations can lead to them heaving, in other words becoming so sodden that they push the house upwards.

Thankfully, the guttering on your home is easy to maintain, repair and replace. Even better news is that this is relatively easy to do, and not too costly either.

We can repair and maintain the current guttering on your home and we can also replace part or all of the system too.

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All the S&D workers involved in the project were very helpful and took the time to explain each stage plus they took the time to clean up at each stag…

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