UPVC Cladding Benefits

24 February 2021

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Cladding properties isn’t a new idea.  Things like roughcasting have been around for generations as a way to protect brickwork or to reinforce walls after some damage.  But the idea of cladding has evolved and like many other parts of the house’s weatherproofing system, has had an upgrade.

In this case, UPVC cladding has become a popular way to add a layer to the outside of the house.  But what are the UPVC cladding benefits that would make you choose this material over traditional looks?

For starters, it is extremely durable.  Being a man-made material, it will not rot or warp the way that wood or other natural materials can.  It will withstand the rain and the sun without any impact.

Another reason is that it is very easy to maintain.  You don’t need to paint it and a simple wash with water and mild soap will remove most of the stains it could receive.

Finally, there are no safety concerns about it.  Some cladding has become the understandable focus of unwanted attention and this has made people cautious.  But with UPVC cladding, the material is the same as is probably in your windows and doors.  It is safe and is used in everything from food packaging to water bottles as well as around the home.

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