Pros and Cons of a Slate Roof

18 March 2021

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Slate roofs are a traditional way to roof homes and other buildings across the UK.  It has been used for centuries because it is hard-wearing, tough and looks stylish.  Nowadays we have many more options available to us so what would make us turn to slate for our home’s roof?  Let’s look at the pros and cons of a slate roof.

Top of the list of reasons to consider a slate roof is that it lasts a long time.  A general roofing system will have a lifespan of 20-30 years depending on conditions.  Slate can easily last three to four times that with some lasting a century.

It also has a very stylish and classy appearance with a variety of colours available including red, black, green and purple as well as the classic grey.  It works on almost any house style and is a 100% natural, sustainable material so ticks the box if you are conscious of your home’s environmental impact.

Finally, slate is very fire resistant and can help with anything from combating a fire inside to repelling a rouge firework that might land on it.

There’s only two real downsides to slate.  The first is that it is more expensive than other options.  However, when you consider the length of time it lasts, this can offset a lot of the expense.

The other issue is the weight.  Not every home will have a structure that can hold the weight of a slate roof.  So if you do want it, you may need to factor in some reinforcements to the roof structure to have it.

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